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It was all too much; the torment, the betrayal, the secrets and the lies. My mind raced continuously, my thoughts stood in despair. I couldn’t handle anymore, the physical and mental pain destroyed me. I stood in front of him, my fists clinched at my sides, ready to take the beating, ready to fight with all that I had. I braced myself for what was to come. For the minute he attacked me. Niko ruined me. He abused and manipulated me every chance he got. And when I gave into his demons, I allowed him the power to win. Well not anymore. It was time I gave up my past and moved forward. It was time to change.  There wasn’t any other solution. I knew I’d never survive had I not done something, anything. I had to act quickly or I’d die a slow, painful death, even though it felt like I was already dead inside.
“You think you’re cute, huh?” Hot air brushed across my neck, as he stood behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist. “You think I don’t know your little plan? That you’re leaving me?”
I fisted my hands tighter, the pain shooting up my arms, as I waited for the next blow. Waited for him to knock me unconscious. But he didn’t move, he didn’t budge. He just stood there, egging me on, trying to make me more pissed than I already was. Niko was far from stupid. Albeit his actions said otherwise, there wasn’t anything I could get away with without him finding out. Somehow he knew it all– my thoughts, my intentions, my plans.
“Answer me, damn it,” he squeezed my stomach tighter, pressing against my diaphragm. I inhaled sharply, the air trapping inside my lungs.
“I didn’t do anything, I swear,” I pleaded, not wanting him to see how badly I hurt. If he did, the satisfaction on his face would destroy me.
He smelled like another woman. The scent of Chanel perfume lingered on his skin. The buttons on his plaid shirt were ripped opened down the front, claw marks visible across his chest. It disgusted me, yet proved my point; Niko would never change, no matter how many times I’d given him the benefit of the doubt. His lies defined his actions, showing he was anything but innocent.
He let go of my waist and then jerked my body around, forcing me to look at him. His dark black eyes bore into my soul, you could see his demons coming alive. Niko grabbed the back of my head, gripping his fingers roughly through my hair, tugging my head back forcefully, then he leaned forward, tipping his chin in the crevice of my neck and pressed his tongue against my skin, licking his way up to my ear.
My body shook, disgusted by his touch. I’d do anything to get him off of me. He tugged my head back harder and then shoved me against the wall. A pounding rung through my ears, causing my head to feel heavy. I closed my eyes, soundlessly praying if there was a God that he’d help me, because at any given point, I knew what to expect.
Niko threw his arm back, slamming his fist against the side of my face, a deep growl roared from his throat. My cheek immediately swelled, as pain radiated through my jaw, pushing me over the edge. He moved too fast, catching me off guard just like he’d always done.
I lifted up my hands and held onto my head, rocking my body back and forth. He swung once then twice before I lost my balance and fell to the floor. Tears gushed from my swollen eyes, making it impossible to see clearly. It hurt to cry, hurt to move. Breathing felt too painful. The aching was intense, it was all too much to bear. At any second, I felt like I was going to die.
Niko crouched down in front of me, extending his arm and then cupped my cheek. I flinched in fear of another blow, but he didn’t hit me. He pushed the hair out from my eye and then ran his thumb across both cheeks. I couldn’t do anything but cry.
“You see what you make me do?” he asked, his tone changing from bitter to soft.
I kept my eyes closed and continued to cry, ignoring his question. I knew I didn’t make Niko hit me, but I had to go along with whatever he said or there’d be hell to pay. I knew his routine better than anyone. Anger started to flood my body, rage filled my mind. I wanted to scream. I wanted to wrap my hands around his neck and choke him. I wanted to watch his face turn purple as he struggled for air, fighting to breathe just like he had done to me countless times over the years.
All of this arguing, fighting and betrayal, because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. And when he got caught, his best defense was to lie and make up another bull shit story. It was the same shit, different day. Nothing ever changed. If he only did what he was supposed to, then we wouldn’t be in this situation every time we turned around. He pinched the tip of my nose lightly then stood up, grabbing a hold of my arm, and then he pulled me to my feet, my balance remained unsteady, as he led me over to the couch. I plopped down on the cushion, waiting for what came next. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking or what he was going to do, but I was scared more than ever before. Niko paced in front of me and ran his fingers through his messy black hair, cursing angrily under his breath.
“You think I’m some kind of fool, don’t you, beauty? You think you can get away and I won’t find you?” He bent down in front of me and gripped my shirt. “Because I will,” he promised. “I will find you, and when I do,” he leaned forward, pressing his forehead against mine. “I’m going to kill you.”
He pulled back, wrapping his fingers around my neck and then threw his face forward. His head slammed against my forehead, my eyes trundled back, knocking me unsteady. The pressure in my head became unbearable, and no matter how hard I tried, my eyes wouldn’t open. My breathing suddenly became shallow, my heart eventually stopped, and in that very moment, I knew my life was over.
Niko finally killed me.

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